Welcome to the Cleveland State University
College of Sciences andHealth Professions!

The second largest of the University's seven colleges, the College of Sciences and Health Professions has more than 110 full-time faculty and enrolls more than 2,600 students. The College has five departments: Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences; Chemistry; Mathematics; Physics; Psychology; and one school, the School of Health Sciences.

The College also has a wide variety of academic programs including Ph.D. programs in Regulatory Biology and in Clinical Bioanalytical Chemistry. These two programs are in collaboration with the Lerner Research Institute at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Our Ph.D. in Adult Development and Aging is joint with the University of Akron. We also have a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. The College has 14 master's programs, and sixteen undergraduate programs focused on educating future researchers in both basic and applied science and health, clinicians in an array of health and social service professions, and teachers in mathematics and science. The College of Sciences and Health Professions is also home to the country's only Master's program in Diversity Management...read the full welcome message!

Chaucola - Biology

Michael - Phyiscs

Brittany - Health Sciences

Jason - Biology

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