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Supplemental Instruction (SI) and Structured Learning Assistance (SLA)

What are Supplemental Instruction (SI) and Structured Learning Assistance (SLA)? Introduction Clip
Are you ready to succeed? When registering for classes, look for the "i" on CampusNet for SI/SLA supported courses.

In these programs, highly trained SI or SLA Leaders attend class along with you and hold two to four SI/SLA sessions per week outside of class. Sessions include discussions, games, practice tests and other collaborative problem solving activities. Participants learn HOW to study along with WHAT to study.

SI/SLA Supported Courses Spring 2014
Research suggests that students who attend early and often can score up to one letter grade higher than if they did not attend an SI or SLA program
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Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Sessions provide additional academic support to a variety of classes. SI courses incorporate an SI Leader, usually a student peer or graduate student, into the course who attends all of the course lectures. The SI Leader then conducts 2 to 4 scheduled reviews sessions each week that follow the course lectures. The sessions are peer-led review sessions provided for selected courses. The SI sessions provide a chance for students to get together with classmates to compare notes, discuss important concepts, and develop strategies for studying the subject. The sessions are facilitated by a trained SI leader. The leader attends lecture each day, taking notes and listening closely to the professor. The leader does not re-lecture or give his/her class notes, but helps the students become independent learners by planning activities that encourage students to work together and process material themselves.

Structured Learning Assistance (SLA)

Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) courses provide support much in the same way as Supplemental Instruction with two main differences:

SLA courses reviews sessions are built into the course; much like a lab session is built into a science course. When you enroll in a SLA-supported course, you also enroll in the SLA review session, but at extra cost.

SLA courses have an attendance policy for the review sessions. All students attend the SLA sessions at the beginning of the term. Continued attendance becomes mandatory for students who are below the expected performance goal as set by the course instructor.

However, the SLA courses have an attendance policy. The faculty member sets the baseline grade for student performance. For the classes that are SLA supported at CSU, the average baseline grade has been 70%. This means that students receiving a grade of 70% or lower are required to attend the SLA sessions. Attendance is voluntary for those scoring above the baseline grade. At first, all students are required to attend. The sessions are worked into their schedules, like a lab. The faculty member must assess the students within the first week of class. From that point forward there should be several assessments given. Attendance at sessions will vary from assessment to assessment.

Rationale: Collaborative learning promotes critical thinking through discussion, clarification of ideas, and evaluation of others' ideas. The SI and SLA programs focus on encouraging students to work with their classmates (a method which is proved to be 2.5 times more efficient than studying alone).
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