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Academic Advising

  • First Year Advising Office

  • The First Year Advising Office is the first stop for the majority of first-time, first-year freshman students. Within this office students will be supported by Student Success Specialists who are here to help students with learning and understanding academic requirements, course selection and registration, learning the policies and procedures of the university and making referrals to appropriate offices as necessary. In addition the Success Specialists closely monitor students performance and progress to ensure that students stay on track towards graduation. The Student Success Specialists provide academic advising and on-going support during the critical freshman year and will work closely with each student to transition into and navigate the university experience. read more

  • Mission of Academic Advising


  • The mission of academic advising is to provide a supportive atmosphere which promotes the educational, career and professional development of the student. Academic advising is a critical component of the educational experience. Through academic advising, we empower (guide) students to develop and implement sound educational plans that are consistent with their personal values, goals and career plans. Our purpose is to guide students to become engaged learners and decision makers.

  • Structure of Undergraduate Academic Advising

  • Academic advising at Cleveland State is designed to provide strong support that leads to enhanced academic success. With a few exceptions, the majority of first-time, first-year freshman students are advised in the first year advising office. Once students have completed their first year, in good academic standing, they are assigned an advisor in the college of their major program of study. The first year advising staff assist students in making a smooth transition to their college advising office.

  • Students who are in special programs, including athletes, the Honors/Scholars program, TRIO/SSS and some nursing program student are advised in those programs.

    Exploratory Advising

    The Exploratory Advising Office provides academic advising and support services for students of sophomore standing or higher who are either:

    • Undecided about their academic major or academic plan.
    • Do not meet the admission requirements for their intended college, major or program.

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